Power Industry Jobs

Power plant operators work in power plants, where they operate and repair the systems that distribute electric power to homes, businesses, and factories. Since so many homes and businesses rely on electricity each day, power plant operators have a very important job to do.nnThe majority of power plant operators work in the electric power industry, but there are also some opportunities with local government agencies.nnThis can be a mentally demanding occupation. Power plant operators have to remain alert and attentive throughout their shifts, so they can quickly identify any problems that arise and quickly put solutions into place.nnPower plants are secured environments, and operators have to work in very secure conditions. If you want a career in a fun and laid back atmosphere, it's safe to say that this probably isn't the job for you.nnThere are many potential dangers within a power plant. Outside of the control room, there is risk of injury from electric shocks and burns. However, taking necessary safety precautions can keep these risks to a minimum.nnPower plants run around the clock, and there always need to be operators on hand. To make sure that all shifts are covered, operators normally work in rotating shifts. Constantly changing sleep and living patterns can be extremely difficult, and can take a toll on a personal life. Before you decide to pursue a career in this occupation, you should carefully consider the demands of the working schedule.